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Winnipeg, Manitoba

​Offering 3D services for film, advertising, web, corporate and birthday parties


​3D Animator living in Winnpeg, Canada

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I'm a 3D freelancer without a lot of time to assemble a reel, let alone a site. If you have an itch to talk about 3D animation, or you want to shower me with money, you can hit me up on Twitter or through the contact form.

I'm a 3d generalist, also offering small scale fluid simulation and rendering. I work with everyone from billion dollar corporations, to Hollywood, to small independent freelancers who need 3d services. I model, texture, light, render, composite, CC and finish.


I make things look awesome. 



CURRENTLY CONTRACTING FULL TIME AT MARTIAN CRAFT SOFTWARE. Still entertaining freelance projects, so don't be afraid to hit that Contact tab


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